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When Churches Go Flameless Good Things Just Happen

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We Doubt anyone would know how many Churches have been damaged by fire. But it's a pretty safe bet that a very large number have been started by fire burning candles. Year in and year out, throughout the millennia, Churches and candles have traveled together. And at Christmas especially the beauty and fellowship of candles is enjoyed by everyone. Safe Flame candles are perfect for Christmas eve services.

But, placing beauty aside for the moment, there is no dispute that open flame candles in Church are a serious hazard. Wax drippings and soot can easily damage the most precious of property and when the youngest among us wish to join the service fire burning candles create an unjustified risk. But happily now even the tiniest of hands need no longer be shut out. As "Churches Go Flameless" good things always happen.

Flameless Candles are the easy solution to a dangerous problem and we've been spreading the word as fast as we can. Congregations can still enjoy the breathtaking beauty of candlelight services while pastors and congregants avoid all of the worry caused by fire burning candles.